Pilton Flower Show 2013 - Individual Winners by Section and Class

Section A: Floral Art – Cup Winner: Suzanne Millard

1: ‘Mosaic’ ~ an arrangement of over 4” but less than 9” in any dimension

-           1st Candace Bahouth, 2nd Doreen Bailey

2: A miniature arrangement, no larger than 4” x 4” x 4”

-           1st Ann Millard, 2nd Suzanne Millard

3: An exhibit entitled ‘Casino Royale’

-           No entries

4: ‘Tropical Holiday’ ~ an arrangement including fruit and flowers

-           1st Suzanne Millard, 2nd Doreen Bailey

5: ‘Rainforest’ ~ an arrangement of natural materials, predominantly foliage

-           1st Doreen Bailey

6: An arrangement in a lady’s shoe

-           1st Suzanne Millard, 2nd Candace Bahouth


Section B: Flowers - Cup Winner: Hilary Austin

1: A single bloom on its stalk (not several blooms on one stalk)

-           1st Ann Millard

2: A vase of flowers judged for its scent

-           1st Lucy Smith, 2nd Candace Bahouth, 3rd Hilary Austin

3: 3 roses, single or mixed colours

-           1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Trish Broxup, 3rd Candace Bahouth

4: 3 dahlias, single or mixed varieties

-           1st Christine King, 2nd Suzanne Millard, 3rd Hilary Austin

5: 6 sweet peas

-           1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Molly Gingell

6: A vase of 3 herbs

-           1st Jo Roberts-Wray, 2nd Natasha Smith, 3rd Heather Hall

7: An herbaceous border collection: 1 stem of up to 10 varieties (no annuals or shrubs)

-           1st Cynthia Taylor

8: A house plant (in a pot of maximum diameter 12”)

-           1st Christine King

9: 3 stems in a vase of any one type of flower, not listed above

-           1st Godfrey Gingell, 2nd Sean Grothier


Section C: Fruit – Cup Winner: Christine King

1: 3 cooking apples

-           1st Jim Cellan-Jones, 2nd John Dix, 3rd Natasha Smith

2: 3 eating apples

-           1st Candace Bahouth, 2nd Richard Powell, 3rd Lucy Smith

3: 3 pears

-           1st Liz Mayhew, 2nd Mary Tapner, 3rd Christine King

4: 6 plums

-           1st Christine King

5: A bowl of raspberries

-           1st Christine King, 2nd Candace Bahouth, 3rd Doreen Bailey

6: A bowl of blackberries

-           1st Doreen Bailey

7: A bowl of any one type of fruit, not listed above

-           1st Cynthia Taylor, 2nd Freda Marsden, 3rd Jim Cellan-Jones


Section D: Vegetables – Cup Winner: Christine King

 1: 3 white potatoes

-           1st Godfrey Gingell, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Sean Grothier

 2: 3 coloured potatoes

-           1st Sean Grothier, 2nd Candace Bahouth, 3rd Harriet Rossiter

 3: 3 carrots

-           1st Mary Tapner, 2nd Ann Millard, 3rd Kelly Dix

 4: 3 onions from seed or sets

-           1st Adele Robertson, 2nd George West, 3rd Sean Grothier

 5: 6 shallots

-           1st Sean Grothier, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Christine King

 6: 6 runner beans

-           1st Mary Tapner, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Kath Murray

 7: The longest bean

-           1st Christine King

 8: 5 tomatoes ~ standard or large size

-           1st John Dix, 2nd Christine King, 3rd Sean Grothier

 9: 8 tomatoes ~ mini or cherry size

-           1st Finn McCarvill, 2nd Christine King, 3rd Mary Tapner, Highly Commended George West

10: 2 courgettes ~ 4-6ins long

-           1st Natasha Smith, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Jo Leworthy

11: 4 chilli peppers

-           1st Joe King, 2nd Jo Roberts Wray, 3rd Christine King, Highly Commended Natasha Smith

12: 2 sweet peppers

-           1st Christine King, 2nd Joe King

13: 3 heads of garlic

-           1st Steve Tofts

14: 2-5 of any other one vegetable type not listed in classes 1-13 above

-           1st Christine King, 2nd Natasha Smith, 3rd Sean Grothier

15: A basket of mixed vegetables

-           1st Christine King


Section E: Home Produce - Cup Winner: Hilary Austin

 1: A pot of jam, any variety (with wax disc)

-           1st Sheila West, 2nd Hilary Austin

 2: A pot of marmalade (with wax disc)

-           1st Christine King, 2nd Sheila West, 3rd Natasha Smith

 3: A pot of fruit jelly (with wax disc)

-           1st Alice Leworthy, 2nd Angela Webb, 3rd Hilary Austin, Highly Commended Yawnah Leworthy and Emma Leworthy

 4: 2 sorts of home-made sweets

-           1st Hilary Austin

 5: A Victoria Sandwich cake made in 7” tins (jam filling only)

-           1st Mary Tapner, 2nd Hilary Austin, 3rd Gillian Barker

 6: A Fruitcake made to provided recipe (to follow)

-           1st Molly Gingell, 2nd Christine King, 3rd Hilary Austin, Highly Commended Natasha Smith

 7: A Carrot Cake with frosting topping

-           2nd Hilary Austin

 8: A round of wholemeal shortbread

-           1st Christine King

 9: 4 cheese scones

-           1st Christine King, 2nd Hilary Austin

10: 6 biscuits or cookies, of one sort

-           1st Ann Millard, 2nd Suzanne Millard, 3rd Hilary Austin

11: A Bakewell Tart in a pastry case

-           1st Ann Millard, 2nd Christine King

12: 8 small cheese savouries, of one sort (e.g. straws, tartlets, biscuits)

-           1st Christine King, 2nd Hilary Austin, 3rd Ann Millard, Highly Commended Suzanne Millard

13: A jar of fruit-based chutney or pickle

-           1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Natasha Smith

14: A jar of vegetable-based chutney or pickle

-           1st Christine King, 2nd Hilary Austin, 3rd Adele Robertson

15: A loaf of bread

-           1st Natasha Smith, 2nd Christine King


Section F: Crafts and Specials - Cup Winner: Sandra Howe

 1: A poem

-           1st Sarah-Jane Dobner, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Kelly Dix

 2: A miniature allotment in a seed tray

-           No Entries

3: A paper collage picture

-           1st Harry Kemp, 2nd Sarah-Jane Dobner, 3rd Sandra Howe

 4: A homemade toy

-           1st Angela Webb, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Abbie Phillips

 5: A painting in any medium

-           1st Flo Sumner, 2nd Joanna Davies, 3rd Harry Kemp

 6: A monochrome drawing in any medium

-           1st Harry Kemp, 2nd Flo Sumner, 3rd Sandra Howe

 7: A carving in any medium

-           1st Daisy Kemp, 2nd Dan Burnett

 8: A clothing accessory ~ either hat, gloves, bag, belt or scarf in any medium

-           1st Alison Fox, 2nd Kate Thomson, 3rd Gillian Barker

 9: A mobile using any materials

-           1st Sandra Howe

10: A pair of handmade earrings

-           1st Nicola Barker, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Georgina Biggs

11: A study of the human hand/s in any medium (except photographic)

-           1st Flo Sumner, 2nd Sandra Howe

12: A hand-knitted garment

-           1st Nicola Morris, 2nd Ann Millard, 3rd Sandra Howe

13: A cushion cover

-           1st Natasha Smith, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Doreen Bailey and Abbie Phillips

14: An item of woodwork or metalwork

-           1st Daisy Kemp, 2nd Clifford Rogers, 3rd Sandra Howe

15: A birth congratulations card

-           1st Kate Thomson, 2nd Kim Gait, 3rd Sandra Howe


Section G: Children ~ Under Fives - Cup Winner: Nora Kotchie

1: 6 wild flowers in a mug

-           1st Oliver Russell, 2nd Stanley Allen

2: A decorated flower pot

-           1st Nora Kotchie, 2nd Jack Matthews, 3rd Oliver Russell, Highly Commended Stanley Allen

3: A picture of a house

-           1st Oliver Russell, 2nd Nora Kotchie

4: A paper collage of an animal

-           1st Stanley Allen, 2nd Alex Murray

5: A picture of the sun using pasta

-           1st Nora Kotchie, 2nd Stanley Allen, 3rd Jack Matthews

6: A model of a person made from play-dough or clay

-           1st Olivia Long, 2nd Jack Matthews, 3rd Charles Long

7: A collection of interesting shells and/or stones on a paper plate

-           1st Jack Matthews, 2nd Nora Kotchie, 3rd Oliver Russell, Highly Commended Stanley Allen



Section H: Children ~ Fives – Sevens - Cup Winner: Jemima Eavis

1: A bird facemask

-           1st Scott Matthews, 2nd Jemima Eavis, 3rd Jacob Russell

2: A monster made from fruit and/or vegetables

-           1st Jessica Long, 2nd Ozzie Latta, 3rd Jemima Eavis, Highly Commended Scott Matthews and Jacob Russell

3: A picture of a pet (not a photograph)

-           1st Lucy Davies, 2nd Joseph Morris, 3rd George Mackay, Highly Commended Imogen Webb

4: A painted pebble

-           1st Scott Matthews, 2nd Archer Riversmith, 3rd Imogen Webb

5: 3 biscuits decorated with faces

-           1st Jemima Eavis, 2nd Jacob Russell

6: A Lego vehicle

-           1st Jemima Eavis, 2nd George Mackay, 3rd Scott Matthews

7: A photograph of an interesting tree ~ maximum 7” x 5”

-           1st Jemima Eavis, 2nd Joseph Morris



Section I: Children ~ Eights – Elevens - Cup Winner: Finn McCarvill

1: A photograph of a garden flower ~ maximum 7” x 5”

-           1st Finn McCarvill, 2nd Finlay Webb, 3rd Gemma Phillips

2: Seed heads of 4 different grasses in a vase

-           1st Finn McCarvill

3: A plate of 4 homemade biscuits or cookies

-           1st Finn McCarvill, 2nd Gemma Phillips, 3rd Minnie Mackay

4: A fantasy treasure map

-          1st Gemma Phillips, 2nd Millie Dix, 3rd Finn McCarvill, Highly Commended  Minnie Mackay

5: A model from a construction kit (Lego, Connect etc), designed by you

-           1st Finn McCarvill, 2nd Millie Dix, 3rd Jacob Millard

6: 10 interesting objects in a standard matchbox

-           1st Finn McCarvill and Finlay Webb, 3rd Hugh Latta, Highly Commended Gemma Phillips

7: A birthday card

-           1st Millie Dix, 2nd Gemma Phillips, 3rd Finn McCarvill


Section J: Children ~ Twelves – Sixteens - Cup Winner: Abbie Phillips

1: A painted jam jar for a tealight

-           1st Charlotte Hoskins, 2nd Georgina Biggs, 3rd Freya Gautier, Highly Commended Nicola Barker

2: 6 chocolate truffles

-           1st Lara Eavis, 2nd Abbie Phillips, 3rd Freya Gautier

3: A painting in any medium

-           1st Harry Kemp, 2nd Ellie Drew, 3rd Abbie Phillips, Highly Commended Freya Gautier

4: 4 muffins

-           1st Abbie Phillips, 2nd Freya Gautier, 3rd Nicola Barker, Highly Commended Lara Eavis

5: An item made in Design and Technology

-           1st Daisy Kemp, 2nd Abbie Phillips, 3rd Tom Hall

6: A photograph entitled ‘Patterns’

-           1st Lara Eavis, 2nd Daisy Kemp, 3rd Freya Gautier

7: My collection

-           1st Abbie Phillips, 2nd Lara Eavis, 3rd Freya Gautier


Section K: Photographic - Cup Winner: Steve Tofts

 1: Patterns in Nature

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Angela Webb, 3rd Kate Austin

 2: Market Day

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd John Howe, 3rd Sandra Howe

 3: Seeing Red

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Kate Thomson, 3rd Harriet Seymour, Highly Commended Brian Smith

 4: All the Fun of the Fair

-           1st Kate Thomson, 2nd Kate Austin, 3rd Sandra Howe Highly Commended John Howe

 5: Sporting Action

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Harriet Seymour, 3rd Sandra Howe

 6: Evening

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Brian Smith, Highly Commended Anthony Butler

 7: Steps or Stairs

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd John Howe, 3rd Kate Austin

 8: Sleep

-           1st John Howe, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Alan Ayres

 9: Working Life

-           1st John Howe, 2nd Brian Smith, 3rd Steve Tofts

10: A Touch of Frost

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Will Leach, 3rd Rita Ayres, Highly Commended John Howe, Kate Austin

11: Vegetable Growing

-           1st John Howe, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Adele Robertson

12: Water, Water Everywhere

-           1st Sandra Howe, 2nd John Howe, 3rd Brian Smith, Highly Commended Steve Tofts

13: Springtime

-           1st Sandra Howe, 2nd John Howe, 3rd Steve Tofts, Highly Commended Kate Austin

14: A Pilton Door or Doorway

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd John Howe, 3rd Sandra Howe, Highly Commended Rita Ayres

15: Feather/s ~ a macro/close-up photograph

-           1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Alan Ayres, 3rd Harriet Seymour, Highly Commended John Howe, Sandra Howe, Kate Thomson, Angela Webb, Kate Austin