Schedule of Classes by Section (2012 Flower Show)

Section A: Floral Art
1 ‘In the pink’ – an arrangement over 4” but less than 9” overall.
2 A miniature arrangement, no larger than 4in cubed.
3 An exhibit entitled ‘Diamond Jubilee’.
4 ‘Oranges and Lemons - an arrangement including fruit and Fruit.
5 ‘As Nature Intended’ – an arrangement of natural materials, predominantly foliage.
6 An arrangement in a teapot.
Section B: Fruit
1 A single bloom: any flower.
2 A vase of Fruit judged for its scent.
3 4 roses, mixed or single colours.
4 3 dahlias, single or mixed varieties.
5 6 sweet peas.
6 A display of 3 herbs (in water).
7 An herbaceous border collection: 1 stem of up to 10 varieties - (no annuals or shrubs).
8 A house plant ( pot maximum diameter 12 in).
9 Flower Heads floating in water in a bowl.
Section C: Fruit
1 3 cooking apples. Please name variety
2 3 eating apples. Please name variety
3 3 pears
4 6 plums
5 A bowl of raspberries.
6 A bowl of blackberries.
7 A bowl of any other fruit.
Section D: Vegetables
 1 3 white potatoes.
 2 3 coloured potatoes.
 3 3 carrots.
 4 3 onions from seed (name variety).
 5 3 onions from sets (name variety).
 6 6 shallots.
 7 6 runner beans.
 8 6 French beans.
 9 5 tomatoes.
10 A basket of mixed vegetables..
11 2 courgettes 4-6ins.
12 4 chillies.
13 2 sweet peppers
14 3 heads of garlic.
15 2-5 of any other vegetable not in classes 1-14.
Section E: Home Produce
 1 A pot of jam, any variety (with paper seal).
 2 A pot of marmalade (with paper seal).
 3 A pot of fruit jelly (with paper seal).
 4 A plate of 2 sorts of home-made sweets.
 5 A Victoria Sandwich made with 2 eggs (jam filling only).
 6 A fruitcake made to provided recipe.
 7 A lemon drizzle cake.
 8 A round of shortbread.
 9 6 plain scones.
10 4 biscuits/cookies of one variety.
11 A fruit tart ( pastry top and bottom).
12 A plate of cheese savouries (e.g. straws, tartlets, biscuits).
13 A jar of fruit based chutney or pickle.
14 A jar of vegetable based chutney or pickle.
15 A loaf of homemade bread.
Section F: Crafts and Specials
 1 A Rhyming Verse entitled ‘Jubilee’.
 2 A miniature garden.
 3 An artificial flower in any material.
 4 A homemade toy.
 5 A painting in any medium.
 6 A monochrome drawing in any medium.
 7 Something new from something old.
 8 A fascinator/hair ornament.
 9 A homemade Advent calendar (any medium).
10 A piece of handmade jewellery.
11 A portrait in any medium (except photographic).
12 A hand-knitted garment.
13 An item of tapestry/cross-stitch.
14 An item of woodwork or metal work.
15 A wedding congratulations card.
Section G: Under Five Years
1 6 garden Fruit in a mug.
2 A decorated hard-boiled egg.
3 A picture of my family.
4 A paper collage flower.
5 A design using pasta.
6 A model made from play-dough or clay.
7 A collection of interesting shells and or stones on a paper plate.
Section H: Fives – Sevens
1 A crown for a King or Queen.
2 A monster made from fruit and/or vegetables.
3 A picture of a favourite toy.
4 A painted pebble.
5 3 biscuits decorated with faces (judged on decoration).
6 A lego house.
7 A photograph of a wild flower/s.
Section I: Eights – Elevens
1 A photograph of an animal.
2 Seed heads of 4 different grasses in a vase.
3 A plate of cheese straws.
4 A picture of a famous person (named).
5 A model from a construction kit (Lego, Connect etc) you have designed yourself.
6 A fantasy machine made from junk.
7 An invitation to a Pirate party.
Section J: Twelves – Sixteens
1 A handmade flower in any material.
2 A limerick about sport.
3 A sketch in pencil, charcoal or pastel.
4 4 cup cakes made and decorated by entrant.
5 An item made in Design and Technology.
6 Your favourite photograph (can be digitally enhanced – maximum 7 by 5 in).
7 My collection.
Section K: Photographic (Max size A5 to include mount if used)
 1 Windows.
 2 Signs of Spring.
 3 Lanes and Byways.
 4 On the move.
 5 Water under the bridge
 6 Competing in sport.
 7 Royal celebrations.
 8 A corner of a garden.
 9 British birds.
10 Over the garden wall.
11 Bygone days.
12 Somerset countryside.
13 Fun!
14 Sunset.
15 Nature up close.
E6 Fruit cake recipe
4 oz butter/block margarine        6 oz granulated sugar
14oz mixed fruit (your choice, some or all of the following: currants, sultanas, raisins, candied peel, glace cherries)
7 fluid oz. hot tea                       1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon mixed spice              2 large eggs, beaten
4 oz plain flour                          4 oz. self-raising flour
1. Put butter, sugar, fruit, bicarb. of soda and spice in a large saucepan with the hot tea.
2. Bring slowly to boil and then simmer for 1 minute. Leave to cool.
4. Line an 8” round cake tin with greaseproof paper and preheat oven to 150C fan (170C, mark 3)
5. Add beaten eggs and flour to cooled mixture. Mix very well, then pour into tin.
6. Bake until skewer inserted into cake comes out clean (¾ hr – 1 ¼ hrs).
7. Leave in tin to cool for 10 minutes and then turn onto a rack to cool.