Pilton Flower Show 2012 - Individual Winners by Section and Class

In spite of our anxieties due to the poor summer, the total number of entries was almost the same as last year. The only sections that really suffered were Fruit and Photography. The number of exhibits in the Home Produce Section showed an increase and the judges of that section wanted everyone to know what a high standard was reached. They said, ‘There were so many wonderful cakes in both the Victoria Sandwich and Fruit Cake classes that it was very difficult to identify the winning entries. Pilton cooks are just as good at making cheese savouries which were of an excellent standard.'

The new on-line entry system worked very well and helped to speed up receiving the entries on Saturday morning. We have had a number of good comments about this.

Section A: Floral Art – Cup Winner: Suzanne Millard

1 ‘In the pink’ – an arrangement over 4” but less than 9” overall

  1st Elizabeth Horne, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Libby Swingler

2 A miniature arrangement, no larger than 4in cubed.

  1st Ann Millard, 2nd Suzanne Millard, 3rd Libby Swingler

3 An exhibit entitled ‘Diamond Jubilee’

  1st Suzanne Millard, 2nd Elizabeth Horne

4 ‘Oranges and Lemons’ – an arrangement including fruit and flowers

  1st Suzanne Millard, 2nd Libby Swingler, 3rd Elizabeth Horne

5 ‘As Nature Intended’: An arrangement of natural materials, predominately foliage

  1st Suzanne Millard, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Jane Boucher

6 An arrangement in a teapot

  1st Suzanne Millard, 2nd Carole Howe, 3rd Libby Swingler

Section B: Flowers – Cup Winner: Christine King

1 A single bloom – any flower

  1st Kathleen Bailey, 2nd Christine King

2 A vase of flowers judged for its scent

  1st Ann Millard, 2nd Christine King, 3rd Libby Swingler  

3 4 roses, mixed or single colours

  1st John Broxup, 2nd Trish Cheetham, 3rd Heather Hall

4 3 dahlias, single or mixed varieties

  1st John Pratt, 2nd Ann Pratt, 3rd Kathleen Bailey

5 6 sweet peas

   1st Jane Harris, 2nd Ann Millard, 3rd Doreen Bailey

6 A display of 3 herbs (in water)

  1st Christine King, 2nd Libby Swingler, 3rd Natasha Smith

7 An herbaceous border collection: 1 stem of up to 10 varieties (no annuals or shrubs)

  1st Ann Millard, 2nd Christine King, 3rd John Broxup

8 A house plant (pot maximum diameter 12 in)

  1st Christine King, 2nd Emma Leworthy

9 Flower heads floating in water in a bowl.

  1st Rosalind Ives, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Suzanne Millard

Section C: Fruit – Cup Winner: Roger Rowsell

1 3 cooking apples. Please name variety

  1st John Broxup, 2nd John Dix

2 3 eating apples. Please name variety

  1st Madron Osborne, 2nd Christine King, 3rd Roger Rowsell

3 3 pears

  1st Roger Rowsell

4 6 plums

  1st Roger Rowsell, 2nd Madron Osborne, 3rd Christine King

5 A bowl of raspberries

  1st Doreen Bailey, 2nd Ann Millard, 3rd Madron Osborne  

6 A bowl of blackberries

  1st John Pratt, 2nd Doreen Bailey

7 A bowl of any other fruit

  1st Cynthia Taylor, 2nd Roger Rowsell

Section D: Vegetables –Cup Winner: Roger Rowsell

1  3 white potatoes

  1st Finn McCarvill, 2nd Godfrey Gingell, 3rd Doreen Bailey

2  3 coloured potatoes

  1st Roger Rowsell, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Christine King

3  3 carrots

  1st Adele Robertson, 2nd Roger Rowsell, 3rd Jane Harris

4  3 onions from seed (name variety)

  1st Doreen Bailey, 2nd Jane Harris

5  3 onions from sets (name varieties)

  1st Christine King, 2nd Roger Rowsell

6  6 shallots

  1st Roger Rowsell, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Christine King

7  6 runner beans

  1st Roger Rowsell, 2nd Adele Robertson, 3rd Jane Harris,

8  6 French beans

  1st Adele Robertson, 2nd John Boucher, 3rd Godfrey Gingell,

9  5 tomatoes

  1st John Dix, 2nd Christine King, 3rd Godfrey Gingell, Highly Commended Roger Rowsell

10  A basket of mixed vegetables

  1st Roger Rowsell, 2nd Adele Robertson, 3rd Jo Roberts-Wray

11 2 courgettes 4-6 ins

  1st Roger Rowsell, 2nd Doreen Bailey, 3rd Christine King

12  4 chillies

   1st Roger Rowsell, 2nd Liz Mayhew, 3rd Christine King

13 2 sweet peppers

  1st Christine King, 2nd Roger Rowsell, 3rd Harriet Seymour

14 3 heads of garlic

  1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Christine King, 3rd Roger Rowsell

15 2-5 of any other vegetable not in classes 1-14

  1st Christine King, 2nd Roger Rowsell, 3rd Doreen Bailey, Highly Commended Jane Harris

Section E: Home Produce – Cup Winner: Hilary Austin

1 A pot of jam, any variety (with paper seal).

  1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Vaughan Ives, 3rd Roz Johnson

2 A pot of marmalade (with paper seal)

  1st Vaughan Ives, 2nd Pauline Hobbs, 3rd Natasha Smith

3 A pot of fruit jelly (with paper seal)

  1st Pauline Hobbs, 2nd Hilary Austin, 3rd Jo Leworthy

4 A plate of 2 sorts of home-made sweets

  1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Pauline Hobbs, Suzanne Millard

5 A Victoria Sandwich made with 2 eggs (jam filling only)

  1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Sarah Robertson, 3rd Angela Webb, Highly Commended Rachel Austin, Kate Thomson

6 A fruitcake made to provided recipe).

  1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Rachel Austin, 3rd Madron Osborne

7 A lemon drizzle cake

  1st Harriet Seymour, 2nd Pauline Hobbs, 3rd Emily Thomson

      Highly Commended Hilary Austin

8 A round of shortbread

  1st Ann Millard, 2nd Christine King, 3rd Hilary Austin

9 6 plain scones

  1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Fiona Case, 3rd Rachel Austin

10 4 biscuits/cookies of one variety

  1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Ruth King, 3rd Angela Webb

11 A fruit tart (pastry top and bottom)

  1st Libby Swingler, 2nd Ann Millard, 3rd Hilary Austin, Highly Commended Pauline Hobbs

12 A plate of cheese savouries (straws, tartlets, biscuits)

  1st Rachel Austin, 2nd Pauline Hobbs, 3rd Christine King, Highly Commended Harriet Seymour

13 A jar of fruit-based chutney or pickle

  1st Rosalind Ives, 2nd Christine King

14 A jar of vegetable-based chutney or pickle

  1st Jane Boucher, 2nd Fiona Case, 3rd Christine King

15 A loaf of homemade bread

  1st Christine King, 2nd Pauline Hobbs, 3rd Hilary Austin

Section F: Crafts and Specials  - Cup Winner: Sandra Howe

1 A Rhyming Verse entitled ‘Jubilee’

  1st Vaughan Ives, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Rosalind Ives

2 A miniature garden

  1st Vaughan Ives, 2nd Totty Milne, 3rd Pauline Hobbs

    Highly Commended Suzanne Millard

3 An artificial flower in any material

  1st Suzanne Millard 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Pauline Hobbs

4 A homemade toy

  1st Pauline Hobbs, 2nd Michael Stone, 3rd Zack Seymour

5 A painting in any medium

  1st Hilary Austin, 2nd Malcolm Drake, 3rd Marilyn Johnson

6 A monochrome drawing in any medium

  1st Marilyn Johnson 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Alice Cheetham

7 Something new from something old

  1st Rodney Bale, 2nd Maureen Tofts, 3rd Pauline Hobbs

8 A fascinator/hair ornament

   1st Suzanne Millard, 2nd Pauline Hobbs, 3rd Sandra Howe

      Highly Commended Rachel Austin

9 A homemade Advent Calendar

   1st Sandra Howe, 2nd Pauline Hobbs, 3rd Rachel Austin

10 A piece of handmade jewellery

    1st Sarah Robertson, 2nd Rachel Austin, 3rd Sandra Howe

11 A portrait in any medium (except photographic)

   1st Harriet Seymour, 2nd Pauline Hobbs, 3rd Marilyn Johnson

12 A hand-knitted garment

  1st Nicola Morris, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Ann Millard

13 An item of tapestry/cross-stitch

  1st Natasha Smith, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Pauline Hobbs

14 An item of woodwork or metalwork

  1st Michael Stone, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Leigh Robertson

15 A wedding congratulations card

  1st Kate Thomson, 2nd Wendy Lynn 3rd Sandra Howe

Section G : Under Five Years – Cup Winner: Joseph Morris

1 6 garden flowers in a mug

  1st Joseph Morris 2nd Tia Bell, 3rd Katherine Gilroy

2 A decorated hard-boiled egg

  1st Tia Bell, 2nd Samuel Tofts, 3rd Joseph Morris

3 A picture of my family

  1st Tia Bell, 2nd Samuel Tofts

4 A paper collage flower

  1st Tia Bell, 2nd Joseph Morris, 3rd Jack Matthews  

5 A design using pasta

  1st Joseph Morris, 2nd Jesse Millard, 3rd Katherine Gilroy, Highly commended Isobel Place

6 A model made from play-dough or clay

  1st Joseph Morris, 2nd Jack Matthews, 3rd Tia Bell

7 A collection of interesting shells and or stones on a paper plate

  1st Jack Matthews, 2nd Joseph Morris, 3rd Charles Long

Section H: Fives – Sevens, Cup Winner: Finn McCarvill

1 A crown for a King or Queen

  1st Finn McCarvill, 2nd Calum Edwards, 3rd Scott Matthews

      Highly Commended Jessica Long

2 A monster made from fruit and/or vegetables

  1st Finn Scott Matthews, 2nd Jacob Russell, 3rd Jemima Eavis

      Highly Commended Finn McCarvill

3 A picture of a favourite toy

  1st Jessica Long, 2nd Callum Bell, 3rd Jemima Eavis

4 A painted pebble

  1st Finn McCarvill, 2nd Annabel Ryan, 3rd Scott Matthews

5 3 biscuits decorated with faces (judged on decoration)

  1st Imogen Webb, 2nd Finn McCarvill, 3rd Jemima Eavis

6 A lego house

  1st Finn McCarvill, 2nd Scott Matthews, 3rd Jemima Eavis

7 A photograph of a wild flower/s

  1st Jemima Eavis, 2nd Calum Eavis, 3rd Gabriel Wilson

Section I: Eights – Elevens – Cup Winner: Lara Eavis

1 A photograph of an animal

  1st Jacob Millard, 2nd William Hall, 3rd Lara Eavis

     Highly Commended Emily Thomson

2 Seed heads of 4 different grasses in a vase

  1st Emily Thomson, 2nd Georgiana Ives, 3rd Lara Eavis

3 A plate of cheese straws

  1st Emily Thomson, 2nd Lara Eavis, 3rd Georgiana Ives

4 A picture of a famous person (named)

  1st Lara Eavis, 2nd Nicola Stone, 3rd Millie Dix

5 A model from a construction kit (Lego, Connect etc) you have designed yourself

  1st Lara Eavis, 2nd Ben Kearle, 3rd Tom Dix, Highly Commended Millie Dix

6 A fantasy machine made from junk

  1st Lara Eavis, 2nd Finn Robertson

7 An invitation to a Pirate party

  1st Gemma Phillips, 2nd Minnie Mackay, 3rd Emily Thomson

      Highly Commended Millie Dix

Section J: Twelves – Sixteens – Cup Winner: Abbie Phillips

1 A handmade flower in any material

   1st Abbie Phillips 2nd Harriet Seymour 3rd Victoria Ives

      Highly Commended Samuel Thomson

2 A limerick about sport

   1st Harriet Seymour, 2nd Abbie Phillips

3 A sketch in pencil, charcoal or pastel

  1st Jessica Ryan 2nd Abbie Phillips, 3rd Alice Cheetham

4 4 cupcakes made and decorated by entrant

  1st Abbie Phillips, 2nd Harriet Seymour

5 An item made in Design and Technology

  1st Zack Seymour, 2nd Bernie O’Hara, 3rd Abbie Phillips

6 Your favourite photograph (can be digitally enhanced – maximum 7 by 5 in.)

  1st Bernie O’Hara 2nd Abbie Phillips, 3rd Nicola Stone

7 My collection

   1st Harriet Seymour, 2nd Samuel Thomson, 3rd Abbie Phillips

      Highly Commended Victoria Ives

Section K: Photographic  - Cup Winner: Katheryn Austin

1 Windows

  1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Wendy Lynn, 3rd Harriet Seymour

2 Signs of Spring

  1st Katheryn Austin, 2nd Peter Millard 3rd Harriet Seymour

3 Lanes and Byways

  1st Sandra Howe, 2nd John Howe, 3rd Peter Millard     

4 On the move

  1st Brian Smith, 2nd Sylvia Drake, 3rd Katheryn Austin, Highly Commended Marilyn Johnson

5 Water under the bridge

  1st John Howe, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Marilyn Johnson

6 Competing in sport

  1st Harriet Seymour, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd John Howe

7 Royal celebrations

  1st Katheryn Austin, 2nd Sandra Howe, 3rd Steve Tofts, Highly Commended Harriet Seymour

8 A corner of a garden

  1st Harriet Seymour, 2nd John Howe, 3rd Peter Millard

     Highly Commended Sandra Howe, Marilyn Johnson

9 British birds

  1st Sophie Winter, 2nd Harriet Seymour, 3rd John Howe

     Highly Commended Katheryn Austin, Steve Tofts

10 Over the garden wall

  1st Harriet Seymour, 2nd Peter Millard, 3rd Marilyn Johnson, Highly Commended Brian Smith

11 Bygone days

  1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Katheryn Austin, 3rd Sophie Winter

12 Somerset countryside

  1st George Milne, 2nd John Howe, 3rd Marilyn Johnson

13 Fun!

  1st Katheryn Austin, 2nd Jeanette Lintern 3rd Sandra Howe

14 Sunset

  1st Steve Tofts, 2nd Jeanette Lintern, 3rd Katheryn Austin, Highly Commended Brian Smith

15 Nature up close

  1st Katheryn Austin, 2nd Marilyn Johnson, 3rd Sandra Howe, Highly Commended Peter Millard